Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 11 Update ! See What's In Update !!

'Clash Of Clans' Town Hall 11 Update Sneak Peeks Reveal Release Date, New Hero And More [WATCH]

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"Clash Of Clans" Grand Warden
"Clash Of Clans" Town Hall 11 update releases soon, and it comes with new heroes and defense systems. The Grand Warden and eagle artillery can potentially totally change the way the game is played. "Clash Of Clans" is available now on iOS and Android devices. (Photo : Supercell/Facebook)

"Clash of Clans" Town Hall 11 sneak peeks conclude with announcements of a release date, new heroes and eagle artillery defense. Supercell's final footage gives players enough time to prepare for the incoming patch.

The news comes to Design & Trend via theSupercell community forums and thePlayClashOfClans YouTube channel. Both sources offer videos and news about the future changes.

First and foremost, "Clash Of Clans" Town Hall 11 will be available very soon. Development sources say that the patch "aim[s] to go live on Dec. 10." However, that plan is "always subject to change" in the face of short term delays. Suffice to say, the overhauled "Clash Of Clans" could be available in under 48 hours.

As for what the update offers, the final sneak peeks reveal a brand new hero and an artillery defense system. With regard to the former, Town Hall 11 players will be able to unlock a character known as the Grand Warden. Its stats aren't too special, but it features a host of awesome abilities. All troops within his life aura are privy to a special HP boost during raids. To make that deal even sweeter, the eternal tome perk offers momentary invincibility to surrounding attacking troops.

That essentially means an opposing clan could be punishing a player's troops, but the Grand Warden allows them to heal without taking damage. In few words, the Grand Warden at Town Hall 11 is probably the most powerful support hero "Clash Of Clans" has seen to date.

To counterbalance it, the eagle artillery defense is just as beastly. It's upgradable to two levels at Town Hall 11 and occupies a range spanning the entire map. On the flip side, the artillery's one weak point is that troops that manage to get close enough can avoid its blast. How well it charges is based entirely on how many troops one has in the field. Gameplay strategy with eagle in tow suggests improved effectiveness against clumped up armies.

The "Clash Of Clans" Town Hall 11 update is the most pervasive overhaul this popular mobile game has received in quite some time. It offers quality of life improvementstroop upgradesnew achievements and more. Click the embedded links for further details!

To reiterate, the update is expected to arrive on Dec. 10 as a free patch for iOS and Android devices.

Now that the sneak peeks have finished, what do you think of the Town Hall 11 update? Let us know in the poll and comments section!